Ph.D. students:


  • Niraj Vidwans

  • Yixi Chen

  • Azhar Ali


  • Dr. Pranav Kannan (Graduated in August 2018)

    • Dissertation Title: Towards the development of biosensors for the detection of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)

  • Dr. Venkata Vasiraju (Graduated in December 2016)

    • Dissertation Title: Design and synthesis of stable. aligned and welded Mg2Si nanowire assemblies for fabrication of efficient and reliable thermoelectrics

  • Dr. Yongmin Kang (Graduated in December 2014 )

    • Dissertation Title: Phase transformation for the large-scale synthesis and assembly via welding of metal silicide nanowires for thermoelectric applications

  • Dr. Lance Brockway (Graduated in May 2014)

    • Dissertation Title: Nanoscale engineering for the design of efficient Inorganic-organic hybrid thermoelectrics

M.S. Students


  • Rakesh Polinnaya (Graduated December 2017)

M.Eng. Students:


  • Yidong Pan (Graduated in December 2013)

Undergraduate Students


  • Brett Studley

  • Nathaniel Chen

  • Carter Dickson

  • Jonathan Bockenstedt

Alumni (partial list of the MORE THAN 40 UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Trained)

  • Joseph Leimer

  • Brion Cakaj

  • David Norris

  • Sukriti Gakhar

  • Maxime Van Laer

  • Stephen Kohn