Selected Publications

2015 - Present Before 2015 (partial list)
  • G. Ramos-Sanchez, M. Albornoz, Y-H. Yu, Z. Cheng, V. Vasiraju, S. Vaddiraju, F. El Mellouhi, P. B. Balbuena, "Organic molecule functionalized Zn3P2 nanowires for photochemical water splitting and H2 production: DFT and Experimental Analyses", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39, 35, 2014 .
  • A. Nie, Y. Cheng, Y. Zhu, H. Asayesh-Ardakani, R. Tao, F. Mashayek, Y. Han, U. Schwingenschlögl, R. F. Klie, S. Vaddiraju, R. Shahbazian-Yassar, "Lithiation-induced Shuffling of Atomic Stacks", Nano Letters, 14, 9 2014.
  • L. Brockway, V. Vasiraju, M. K. Sunkara, S. Vaddiraju, ‘Efficient thermoelectrics using resonant-level scattering in dually-doped ZnO nanowire-bulk assemblies’, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 6, 17 2014.
  • V. Vasiraju, Y. Kang, S. Vaddiraju, ‘Non-conformal Decoration of Semiconductor Nanowire Surfaces with Boron Nitride (BN) Molecules for Stability Enhancement: Degradation-resistant Zn3P2, ZnO and Mg2Si Nanowires’, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,16,16150-16157, 2014.
  • Y. Kang, S. Vaddiraju, ‘Solid-State Phase Transformation as a Route for the Simultaneous Synthesis and Welding of Single-crystalline Mg2Si Nanowires’, Chemistry of Materials, 26, 2814, 2014.
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  • Y. Kang, L. Brockway, S. Vaddiraju, ‘A simple phase transformation strategy for converting silicon nanowires into metal silicide nanowires: Magnesium silicide’, Materials letters, 100, 106-110, 2013.
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